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Bad habits, just like bad dental problems, usually start off small. You could have a child who hates flossing, so they do not do it one night. Then they stops doing it at night, and then they stops flossing altogether. That means a set of healthy teeth can quickly turn into a set of cavity-ridden teeth. Appalachian Dental Care is a family dental practice, and Dr. Steven Airey offers a wide range of dental treatments and services to help your whole family avoid bad habits that can create big problems.


How Can Regular Visits Help Prevent Major Procedures?
As your family grows up, small problems can creep into their smiles. A tiny, hairline crack can start to get longer, putting the whole tooth at risk for needing a dental crown or even an extraction. Red, swollen gums could indicate gum disease, which can cause your teeth to fall out. And the cavity that always starts small can lead to an infection inside of that tooth, needing root canal therapy to fix it.

These big problems can usually be spotted and fixed when they are small, but only if you and your family visit our dentist and team regularly for the usual dental cleaning and dental exam.

How Can I Help My Children and Teens Keep Brushing and Flossing?
If you want your family to have excellent dental hygiene, there are two ways to go about this. First is to remind your children to brush and floss regularly. Many times, your kids simply forget because they are so focused on play, video games or their phone. But the best way is to model the behavior you want from your children. Make sure your kids see you brushing and flossing so they accept both as just normal parts of the day.

Can Mouthguards Help Save My Teeth From Accidents?
When you are playing contact sports or even just biking, a single accident can really hurt your teeth. While you cannot prevent accidents from ever happening, you can help protect your teeth with athletic mouthguards. Unlike store-bought ones that feel uncomfortable and can slide around a bit, our mouthguards are custom-made in the office to fit your teeth so they will fit as good as possible. And if you suffer from bruxism (grinding your teeth), we have mouthguards that will protect your teeth.

What Are Sealants Used For?
The biting surfaces of your teeth are not smooth. They have grooves and points on them, which create little areas that can trap tiny bits of food. The bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease love that food, so they often start to live in those imperfections. A sealant is a special tooth-colored material that is placed on the biting surface to fill in and smooth out that surface. This not only makes it harder for bacteria to live there, but it also makes it easier for you and your family to clean those teeth at home, making tooth decay even less likely.

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