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About Appalachian Dental Care In Boone, NC

Being a gentle dentist is important to me, and I could have picked and limited myself to just one part of dentistry, but as I’ve matured as a dentist, I really like that as we do life-lasting dentistry, or from A to Z, as in comprehensive dentistry and oral health, that you can provide better care, and you can give them a comprehensive treatment plan so they can make an educated decision on how to take care of their oral health.

I like coming here because it’s the best dentist office I’ve ever been to in my life. I have worked for dentists for years, and I compare Dr. Airey to all of the other dentists I’ve been to, to the dentists that I’ve worked for, and they all come up lacking.

What really appealed to me was, when you come in for something as major as an implant, when you leave, it’s finished. I couldn’t believe that.

I’m very happy with it. I would dare someone that wasn’t in the office today to tell me which two teeth are my new crowns, because they have a real eye for cosmetic dentistry, so they match my other teeth. You don’t get that kind of results in every dental practice, unfortunately. Otherwise, I wouldn’t come 1,100 miles to the dentist.

It was just hard to chew, and you didn’t want to smile because all you would see would be gums. I really like my teeth that he did for me. I can bite a good apple now, and I can chew a good steak.

I don’t like to say it’s a pleasure to go to the dentist, but I’ve always found it a pleasure to come here. I’d say he’s the finest dentist I’ve ever had.

Dr. Airey started Appalachian Dental Care when he moved to Boone, NC back in 2006 so he could provide dental treatments for the people of North Carolina’s High Country. Our family dental office is one of the most advanced in the area, allowing us to provide comprehensive but affordable dental care to you and your family.

Sympathetic And Honest Dental Care

The most rewarding part, basically, is having a patient come in here, that have certain expectations, and their trust value … I’ve practiced all these years … The American public’s trust in people has seemed to diminish. If we can actually meet and exceed their expectations, and increase their trust value, when we do that for their oral health and they feel fulfilled … Obviously the greatest compliment is when they refer patients here, their family and their friends.

The other step is, I’ve actually with the dental assistants I have now … My children are actually older than a lot of the people, young ladies, I employ. To be able to mentor them, come to an area in North Carolina in the mountains, and provide jobs for them and watch them get to use their gifts and talents. I have some really talented young ladies here as far as computers, lab work, and I can tell they have a passion. They enjoy it. They’re fulfilled, and they kind of keep me going too.

Most dental offices can give you the basics like dental cleanings and X-rays, but dentistry should include people skills. You want to be treated like a real, live person, not just a walking insurance plan. At Appalachian Dental Care, Dr. Airey and our whole team know how to treat you with respect and kindness. We are sympathetic to your situation, and we will always explain your treatment options honestly so you can make the best decision for you and your family’s dental care.

Latest Dental Technologies

Because life is changing so much these days, we stay on top of the latest changes in dentistry and invest in new technologies that can help improve your dental care. For example, our CEREC system can make beautiful dental crowns the same day as your visit, and our Galileos imaging unit and CBCT technology can create three-dimensional images of your teeth for extremely accurate care.

Comprehensive Dentistry

At our Boone, NC dental office, we offer a wide range of dental treatments.

With our focus on comprehensive dental care, combined with new technologies and a great patient-centered attitude, Appalachian Dental Care can provide much-needed dentistry for you and your family. To learn more about our Boone, NC dental office or to schedule your next appointment, give us a call today at 828-355-5673 or use our online form.

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