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Tooth Fillings

Repair Tooth Decay With Our Composite Tooth Fillings

Our tooth fillings here, we do not do mercury fillings or amalgams. We do composite fillings, which are a hard resin. What we like to do is we use our digital camera, and we’ll take a picture of your tooth before we remove all the decay. When there’s a part of the tooth missing, we’ll take another picture. We’ll send it to the computer, and the computer will send it to our milling machine, and we’ll cut you a piece out of a porcelain block or a very hard composite porcelain block, and we’ll make an extra piece that will fit in your tooth exactly. Then, we bond it in place, which will last much longer than a composite resin. A composite resin will only last about five, six years, where ours will last up to 20 years.

For many people, the first sign that there’s something wrong with their teeth is a little toothache. Maybe it happens only when you eat certain tough foods, or maybe it comes and goes all on its own. But that pain won’t completely go away all by itself. There can be several causes of such pain, but one common source is a cavity. Thankfully, we offer tooth-colored composite resin fillings at our Boone, NC dental office that can repair damage from tooth decay and help you live without that toothache.

What Do Tooth Fillings Actually Fill In?

When harmful bacteria start to live on your teeth, they eat tiny particles of food left behind by the food you eat and secrete an acid. This acid eats away at the hard enamel protecting your teeth, creating a small hole. If the bacteria continue to thrive, that hole gets bigger and bigger as more of the enamel continues to decay. That hole is called a cavity. Unfortunately, there is no way to repair or regrow decayed enamel, which is where a filling comes in. This material is used to fill in the cavity created by harmful bacteria.

How Do Tooth Fillings Work?

Before anything else, the staff at our Boone, NC dental office will thoroughly clean the tooth and surrounding area. This includes getting rid of any decayed enamel as well as the bacteria causing the problem in the first place. Then we roughen the enamel around the cavity so it will be easier for the filling material to stay put.

Once the tooth is prepared, Dr. Steven Airey will place a special tooth-colored material in the cavity. The material hardens fast and bonds with the surrounding enamel, making sure it stays there. Since enamel has no nerve endings, the whole process is normally painless. However, local anesthesia and possibly dental sedation can be used if necessary.

What’s The Difference Between Metal And Composite Tooth Fillings?

In the past, tooth fillings were made from a metal amalgam (meaning a combination of metals). These usually contained silver and even mercury, a metal known to being toxic in people. These metal fillings did the job, but they certainly did not look good. And while there isn’t too much evidence showing mercury fillings to have been a problem, if it’s toxic, why put it in your mouth when there’s a better alternative?

At Appalachian Dental Care, we only use composite resin fillings made from ceramic and plastics. These metal-free fillings can last as long as metal ones and are also strong and durable. And when they are finally placed in your mouth, they are colored to look like your natural teeth, meaning they will blend in instead of stand out.

Sometimes, you have to pick between the brand-new tools or the tried-and-true way of doing things. Metal fillings have been used for a long time in dentistry to repair teeth, but now we offer a composite filling. In other words, you can get both new and tested dental treatments with these fillings. To learn more about our dental fillings or to schedule your next appointment, give us a call today at 828-355-5673 or use our online form.

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