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Relieving Dental Anxiety

Stop Worrying About Dentistry With Sedation & Comfort Options

It’s fair to say that no one gets super excited to visit the doctor or dentist. But for some people, it’s not just a problem of finding time to fit the appointment in the day’s schedule or wondering how much insurance will cover. There are times when dental anxiety is what stops you from going. A mixture of fear, concern, and worry gets in the way, and you might skip needed appointments and think you can just deal with that dental pain. At Appalachian Dental Care, we can help if you are really worried about visiting the dentist with dental sedation, comfort, and a great staff.

My Dental Anxiety Is Bad. How Can You Help?

Basically, when people come here, it’s the fear of the unknown a lot, or their past experiences. A lot of them can sit down, and they might be well into their 50s, 60s, but they’ll still remember a childhood experience. A lot of times it depends on the height of the anxiety. If they do have that and they really don’t want to be here, we’ll prescribe medications and with the laughing gas or nitrous oxide, we’ll actually use that to get them through their appointments. Most of them are very comfortable, and they have really, laying here and getting the dentistry done, their knowledge of what’s going on is minimal.

That is one way with the high anxiety patient. The ones that are less, we just sometimes just use laughing gas and that will just relax them. It’s a hypnotic, and they enjoy that. Like I said previously, it helps with the time. People get here and they’re ready to get out.

The other thing is, I think the people that work here all have a very caring heart and listen to what the people have to say and what is their greatest fear. We try to address that and try to make sure that they are still in control. As we increase the trust value as we go through the first procedures and meeting them to the second and third, as their trust value goes up, basically their anxiety will come down.

There are times when dental anxiety is tough to get past. No amount of talking or reassurance can help. For these situations, we can offer dental sedation. We offer laughing gas to help you relax. You wear a small mask over your nose and breathe in the gas during a treatment. This means the effects disappear soon after you take off that mask.

If this isn’t sufficient, we can prescribe oral medication that you take before coming to our Boone, NC dental office. However, you will definitely need someone to drive you home before and after oral medication. And in certain cases, we can use general anesthesia to make sure you stay fully relaxed and even asleep during almost any dental procedure. As with oral sedation, you will need someone to drive you home after the treatment is complete.

How Comfortable Is Your Office?

There was a time when going to the dentist’s office meant sitting in uncomfortable chairs, reading a year-old magazine while you listened to the uncomfortable whine of a drill. Things have changed, and at our Boone, NC dental office, we have designed the place with your comfort in mind. We have blankets, neck pillows, and massaging chairs to help you get comfortable during your dental treatment, and our semi-private patient rooms give you some much-needed quiet. We can even offer longer appointment times and Friday appointments to help make sure you don’t feel rushed or stressed out.

Does Your Staff Know How To Be Patient With Me?

Of course, all of the dental sedation and comfort options in the world aren’t going to help much if you have to work with people who act like you’re a problem. We’ve all been to that business where the staff treats you like you’re a big burden to them, so we know the value of treating people right. Dr. Airey has an incredible chairside manner that can help you feel respected and relaxed. Add in staff who are caring and friendly, and you can come in knowing you’ll be treated with kindness and compassion.

Dental problems do not normally go away on their own. Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from getting the care you need to keep your teeth healthy and pain-free. To learn more about how we can relieve dental anxiety or to schedule your next appointment, give us a call today at 828-355-5673 or use our online form.

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