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General Dentistry

Stop Problems While They Are Small With General Dentistry

Being a general dentist is important to me, and I could have picked and limited myself to just one part of dentistry, but as I’ve matured as a dentist, I really like that we do life-lasting dentistry, or from A to Z. If you’re only doing one facet or two facets of dentistry, you’re only able to present that to the patient. As you get educated and you can look at the overall needs, as in comprehensive dentistry and oral health, then you can provide better care. Even if we don’t do some of those procedures, if you know how to do them, you’re able to explain that to the patient, and you can give them a comprehensive treatment plan so they can make an educated decision on how to take care of their oral health.

Being a family dental office, Appalachian Dental Care has many different treatments for your teeth. But sometimes, the most important ones treat smaller dental problems before they have a chance to grow out of control. That’s why we offer general dentistry treatments such as dental cleanings and dental exams, mouthguards, sealants, gum disease treatments, and more.

Can Mouthguards Help Save My Teeth From Accidents?

When you are playing contact sports or even just biking, a single accident can really hurt your teeth. While you cannot prevent accidents from ever happening, you can help protect your teeth with athletic mouthguards. Unlike store-bought ones that feel uncomfortable and can slide around a bit, our mouthguards are custom-made in the office to fit your teeth so they will fit as good as possible. And if you suffer from bruxism (grinding your teeth a lot), we have mouthguards that will protect your teeth.

Why Is My Mouth Dry All The Time?

You need saliva so you can chew your food and talk like normal. Some people suffer from dry mouth, a condition where your mouth doesn’t have the saliva it needs. This can be caused by certain medications, nerve damage, dehydration, or tobacco use. At our Boone, NC dental office, we can help resolve dry mouth.

Do You Offer Regular Teeth Cleanings And Exams?

Of course, we offer the traditional dental cleanings and exams at Appalachian Dental Care. Our dental cleanings will help keep cavities and gum disease from ruining your teeth, and our comprehensive dental exams can spot problems before they can get big and expensive.

Do Dentists Still Use Fluoride And Sealants?

Fluoride is so good for your teeth that it’s in our drinking water. But too much fluoride can be harmful, which is why only doctors can safely administer professional-strength fluoride treatments. At our Boone, NC dental office, we can provide treatments that let fluoride sink deeply into your teeth, repairing microscopic problems in the enamel. And if cavities are a problem, our dental sealants can fill in rough spots on the biting surfaces of your teeth where bacteria tend to hide.

What Is A Perio Evaluation?

Periodontal refers to your gums, which are a vital component of your dental health. If you have periodontal disease, or gum disease, not only will your gums bleed, but you are also at risk of losing your teeth permanently. A perio evaluation is when Dr. Steven Airey checks your gums for any signs of gum disease. Such signs include gums that are swollen, red, tender, or bleeding, as well as having loose teeth. Dr. Steven Airey can use nonsurgical gum treatments such as antibiotics or root planing and scaling to help prevent gum disease from taking your teeth.

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