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Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-Mouth Reconstructions For Restoring Your Teeth And Smile

Here where we are presently, we’re working a young man right now. He’s in his early forties; he owns his own masonry company and has done well for himself. As a child, his parents weren’t able to take him to the dentist so he had a lot of missing teeth. He has worn partials for a number years, which replaced part of his teeth. Where those partials hook on to those teeth, unfortunately there’s a lot of stress and force that’s put on those teeth that are remaining. Over the years, he’s had a lot of recurrent decay, and he wasn’t able to chew like he would like to chew. He’s basically wearing his teeth out.

When he came to see us, we took the necessary X-Rays and did a comprehensive exam, and we’re actually going to restore his mouth to complete function. Where he had spaces in the front of his mouth, we’ll be able to put a large bridge across his anterior so he can have his smile back. We’ll fix his lower anterior teeth that will actually articulate with his upper anterior teeth so he can speak and smile. In the posterior areas, we’re, on the lower right and lower left, put two large bridges because he had a few teeth left that we could do that with. The upper right area, we’re actually going to do a sinus lift and put three implants in there and replace the bone so he’ll be able to restore that function. When he gets done, he’ll actually have all his full teeth back, and they’ll all be fixed. There won’t be any removal teeth, and that will be as close as we can do to what God gave us.

Simply put, you need your teeth. You need them to eat, talk, and smile. (And if you think you can deal with never smiling, try going a day without smiling and see how people react.) So if you have problems with missing or severely damaged teeth, you can’t just sit back and deal with it. You need a full-mouth reconstruction to restore your teeth so you can eat, talk, and smile like normal again.

How Can Dental Implants Replace Lost Teeth?

There are other ways to replace lost teeth (such as dental bridges), but dental implants are a durable, long-lasting treatment. Because your natural teeth have roots that extend into the jawbone, Dr. Airey will surgically implant an artificial root and then attach a replacement tooth to it. This is the closest we can get to growing a new tooth.

What If My Jaw Is Too Weak For Implants?

In order to safely place a dental implant, the jawbone underneath the empty space needs to be thick and healthy. Otherwise, the implant could come loose one day. Dr. Airey can strengthen the bone with ridge augmentations or bone grafts, but another option is to use mini dental implants. The artificial roots for mini implants are much smaller and can be used in places where traditional implants just won’t work, such as in your lower jaw.

What Are All-on-4 Implants?

If you are missing all of the teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth, we can use a special type of implant process called the All-on-4. This is a full arch of beautiful, healthy-looking replacement teeth held securely in place by four implants, two of which are tilted to provide extra support.

Can Dentures Be Part Of A Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Dentures are often a more affordable option for replacing a full arch of teeth. Modern removable dentures look great, and our implant-retained dentures use dental implants to hold dentures securely in your mouth so they do not slide around when you eat or unexpectedly fall out. The downside? Conventional dentures do not last as long as dental implants.

Can Same-Day Smile Really Give Me New Teeth In One Visit?

With dental implants, you normally need to wait months for the site to heal before the team at our Boone, NC dental office can place the replacement teeth. But with Same-Day Smile, we use special implants that do not need any healing time. You can walk in with little to no teeth, and after the visit is done, you can walk out with a full set of replacement teeth.

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