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Family Dentistry

Avoid Bad Habits & Big Problems With Family Dentistry

Families come, and you can see their children … Parents are very grateful if you’re able to handle their children. We have a lot of young dental assistants with young children, and they’re very in tune to children. I’ve seen children all my dental career. We have laughing gas and things like that. There’s no reason a child should have to feel the needle, which is probably their biggest fear. We can actually do dentistry and use the laughing gas, and they really never know they had a shot. They start at a very young age having a positive experience. When their parents see that they’ve had a positive experience, then they’ll actually enjoy coming here, too. It’s that trust factor. If you can meet their expectations or exceed it, that will increase the level of trust.

Bad habits, just like bad dental problems, usually start off small. You could have a child who hates flossing, so he doesn’t do it one night. Then he stops doing it at night, and then he stops flossing altogether. That means a set of healthy teeth can quickly turn into a set of cavity-ridden teeth. At our dental office in Boone, NC, we are a family dental practice. Our Boone, NC family dentist Dr. Steven Airey offer a wide range of dental treatments and services to help your whole family avoid bad habits that can create big problems.

How Can Regular Visits Help Prevent Major Procedures?

As your family grows up, small problems can creep into their smiles. A tiny, hairline crack can start to get longer, putting the whole tooth at risk for needing a dental crown or even an extraction. Red, swollen gums could indicate gum disease, which can cause your teeth to fall out. And the cavity that always starts small can lead to an infection inside of that tooth, needing root canal therapy to fix it.

These big problems can usually be spotted and fixed when they are small, but only if you and your family come to our Boone, NC dentist Dr. Airey regularly for the usual dental cleaning and dental exam.

How Can I Help My Children And Teens Keep Brushing & Flossing?

If you want your family to have excellent dental hygiene, there are two ways to go about this. First is to remind your children to brush and floss regularly. Many times, your kids simply forget because they’re so focused on play, video games, or their phone. But the best way is to model the behavior you want from your children. Make sure your kids see you brushing and flossing so they accept both as just normal parts of the day.

Are Athletic Mouthguards Really Necessary?

If people in your family are playing sports where there’s a risk of injury (such as football, baseball, basketball, biking, and more), wearing an athletic mouthguard is the best way to help prevent a serious injury to their teeth. That’s why so many schools, park districts, and sports organizations are now requiring families to wear guards during those activities. You can buy a cheap mouthguard in some stores, but because they are mass produced as one-size-fits-all, those mouthguards are often uncomfortable and can slide around in your mouth, making them less effective. At Appalachian Dental Care, we custom-make our mouthguards right here in our dental office to fit your teeth, making them more comfortable and safe.

What Are Sealants Used For?

The biting surfaces of your teeth are not smooth. They have grooves and points on them, which create little areas that can trap tiny bits of food. The bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease love that food, so they often start to live in those imperfections. A sealant is a special tooth-colored material that’s placed on the biting surface to fill in and smooth out that surface. This not only makes it harder for bacteria to live there, but it also makes it easier for you and your family to clean those teeth at home, making tooth decay even less likely.

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