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Dental Emergencies

Don’t Panic! Dental Emergencies Happen, But We Can Help

When is life ever easy? We’ve all been involved in accidents or seen them happen, but when you have an accident that hurts your teeth, gums, or mouth, things can get really painful really fast. At our Boone, NC dental office, we are here to help you get through any dental emergency.

We have a couple large ski areas at Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain. We have people come here in the winter time, and skiing can be a volatile experience. We’ve had many a person unfortunately, that as they were flying down the mountain, hit something that was not flying — that was very stationary — and have had teeth broken off. They show up at the hospital, we are just a couple blocks from the hospital, so they’ll send them our way.

With our digital camera and things, we can actually mock up their front teeth, put them back together, and they can walk out with two new front teeth. We’ve done that a number of times here. We had one lady one time, she was actually here on vacation and to be married. Came here and she lost a few crowns in the front of her mouth. It was the night before she was supposed to be married and have their wedding. Couldn’t find anybody, didn’t find anybody, and we have an emergency number, and she called the emergency line and obviously she was frantic. She says, “I’m getting married tomorrow, and I don’t have my front teeth.” Obviously, sometimes you don’t know exactly what they’re telling you. You know, did they lose crowns, did they have an accident, did they just break them off? We were able to actually get her teeth put back in so she could smile during her wedding, and I’m sure she was very grateful when that was done.

We have, because of the tourist area, we have lots of things coming and going here, and because of our digital dentistry and what we can do for people. We can actually restore them at the same day visit and have them move on with their life.

What’s Considered A Dental Emergency?

Not every case is a real emergency, but we would much rather talk to you so we can help figure that out. That’s why you should always call our Boone, NC dental office at  828-355-5673 as soon as you think you might need an emergency appointment. That said, here are some cases that are definitely dental emergencies:

  • You got injured or had an accident that cut your gums, tongue, or mouth.
  • You took a hit to the jaw, and now it hurts when you open or close it.
  • You have a broken tooth.
  • You have a tooth that’s been knocked loose or knocked out completely.
  • You have a severe toothache and just can’t stand the pain anymore.

I Have A Real Emergency. What Do I Do Now?

If you are bleeding, the first thing to do is use pressure to stop it. If you cannot stop the bleeding, go to the emergency room.

If you are not bleeding, then call us at 828-355-5673. If you call during our office hours (Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), we can give you more information. Normally, we can see emergency patients on the same day they call us. If you call when we are closed, you will be directed to an emergency line for more help.

If a tooth is broken or knocked out and you have the piece or tooth, gently rinse it in water and put it in a container. You can add some water or milk to that container as well, and be sure to bring it to your emergency appointment.

How Can I Prepare For An Emergency?

It’s hard to fully prepare for dental emergencies since they are usually accidents or surprises, but you can create a dental emergency kit at home. Take some sterile gauze, a small container with a lid, and a piece of paper with Dr. Airey’s name and phone number on it, and keep it in a secure place. If you have a dental emergency, this will help.

Do You Have Emergency Appointments?

We know emergencies happen suddenly, so we always try to fit in emergency patients on the same day they call. If we are already overbooked, or if we’ve already closed for the day, our after-hours emergency line will direct you where to get help.

If you’ve had an accident that has broken a tooth, knocked one out, or cut your mouth badly enough to bleed, or if you have a severe toothache, call us immediately at  828-355-5673 for your dental emergencies Boone, NC area.

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