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Dr. Steven B. Airey

Meet Steven B. Airey, Your Boone, NC Dentist

I had a practice in the rural and the city area and went to the beach. It was nice. We were looking for more of a traditional, family-oriented area. We had bought property up in the Boone area many years ago, and we had vacationed up here. All my four children ended up going to college in the Carolinas. I was basically still in Naples, Florida. They were all up here. One day I called. I said, “Is anybody coming back?” They said, “No.” Basically, we had property outside of Boone. About ten years ago, we started a practice here in Boone. It’s worked out well. I have a great staff now.

Dr. Steven Airey grew up outside of Kansas City, MO in a blue collar, union area. He attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City for both undergraduate and graduate degrees, eventually earning his dental degree in 1980. He practiced dentistry in Missouri for 10 years before relocating to Naples, FL, where he continued being a dentist for another 15 years while he and his wife raised their four children. Finally, he moved to Boone, NC, where he has continued to offer dentistry for the past 10 years.

I went to undergraduate at the University of Missouri Kansas City and finished and got a degree in biology and also one in chemistry. Then I got accepted to the University of Missouri Dental School, which is in Kansas City. I went there and graduated in 1980.

My continuing education, I belong to the Academy of General Dentistry and I’ve got many many hours. Years ago I joined what was called The Pankey Institute and went through it. I’d call it from A to Z of dentistry. We like to call it life-lasting dentistry here and do comprehensive dentistry. I went through their program which was quite extensive. Over the years, different procedures I’ve done.

Most recently, I actually go out to Scottsdale and have been a mentor for years with CEREC, which is a digital camera that we use and a milling machine. We have our own lab here. We can do crowns in the same day. We don’t have to deal with temporaries, and we stain them here. I went there, and I belong to that, so I go out there a couple times a year.

I also belong to what we call Spear Education, who used to teach at The Pankey Institute who started their own with the people in Scottsdale, basically. I do the Spear Education online and also visit them a couple times a year. We have also a 3-Dimensional Cone Beam X-ray machine, so I’ve gone down to Sirona which is in Charlotte, North Carolina to be educated on how to use the cone beam with implants and integrating that with the CEREC machine and finishing the restorative dentistry for our patients.

He is a member of the Academy of General Dentists, the American Dental Association, the North Carolina Dental Society, the Pankey Institute, and The Dawson Academy and completed a Diplomate in Implantology fellowship from Dr. Arun Garg. He is also a mentor for the Scottsdale Center trainees (CEREC/Spear education) and a member of a local study club. Despite all of this education, Dr. Airey continues to take continuing education courses to remain on top of the latest dental technologies and procedures, and he will soon be certified in the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for gum recession treatment.

My father worked for the government. We moved all around. I wanted a job that I didn’t have to be told on Christmas Eve that we were moving. Many years that happened. By the time I was 10, we’d probably moved 8 times. I happened to be very good at sciences, and I didn’t want to deal with death. When I came home from college a young dentist, I couldn’t get in with the old guy that we used to go to and went and met him and he mentored me. I basically got to watch him work for about 6 months and went back to school, got educated. I enjoy working with people and helping people. It’s very fulfilling and gratifying.

The health part of it, plus you’ve got the aesthetic part, too. When somebody smiles at you, it basically draws you in. You have a connection with them right off the bat if they’re smiling at you. Also, obviously you’ve got the functional part where you’re eating and chewing and things like that. People have known, if you keep your teeth, you will live longer. In the United States, as we’ve gotten more health conscious and aware of those things, what we need to eat and chew, and look like we would like to look, when you look healthy, you feel healthy.

Dr. Airey volunteers his time to the North Carolina Missions of Mercy (NCMOM) portable free dental program throughout the year. NCMOM is an outreach program of the North Carolina Dental Society, and these clinics offer free dental treatment to those who are in financial need or have no other options for care. Since the founding of NCMOM in 2003, the program has provided more than 55,000 patients with more than $25 million in free care.

Dr. Airey has been married to his lovely wife, Debbie, for 30 years, and they share four beautiful children together: Quinn, Shea, Juan, and their late son, Brett. Dr. Airey and Debbie are also grandparents to three beautiful girls.

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