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Teeth Whitening: Why Opalescence Beats Store Brands

  • September 22, 2016

Teeth Whitening: Why Opalescence Beats Store Brands

To be honest, it can be embarrassing to have stained teeth. Coffee, dark foods, and tobacco can all leave behind tiny stains that build up faster than you realize. When you see your dingy smile in the bathroom mirror, you don’t want others to see it.

That’s why teeth whitening exists. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can get rid of those stains and return your smile to it’s white, healthy look. If you go into a drugstore or grocery store, you can find plenty of toothpastes, strips, and similar store teeth whitening systems. All of these are available without going to the dentist.

Why not try these? Simply put, it’s very likely that you won’t get near the results you want. You don’t want “just a little less dark” teeth. You want white teeth. That’s what you can get by calling our Boone, NC dental office. We offer Opalescence, a professional-strength and safe cosmetic dentistry procedure to truly whiten your smile.

Is Opalescence really that much better? Here are some problems with the cheap teeth whitening systems you can buy in stores.

Problems With Store-Bought Teeth Whitening

  • The stain lifting agent is weak to avoid needing a prescription. The special agent strong enough to lift stains off from your enamel is controlled by the FDA. Normally, only dentists can get it. That’s how powerful it is. How can you buy that stuff from a store? The people who make the teeth whitening systems make the stain-lifting agent so weak, it’s legal to sell without a dentist. That’s why store teeth whitening takes several tries to get the same results as what you can get from our Boone, NC dental office.
  • Some contain damaging abrasives to make up for that. Because that stain-lifting agent is made weak on purpose, some store teeth whitening systems include abrasives. The idea is that if you cannot lift the stains, you can scrape them away. That’s true, but there is a downside. Anything strong enough to scrape stains away will also take some of your enamel along with the stains. You can easily wind up with weak spots after this treatment.
  • You could hurt your gums if you don’t use it correctly. That stain-lifting agent is specifically designed for your teeth. After all, that’s where your stains are. If this stuff gets on your gums, you could irritate or even damage your gum tissue. That means you have to be extra careful when deciding how much to use on your smile.
  • Repeated use could make your teeth overly sensitive to temperature. If the stain-lifting agent is weak, can’t you just use the store teeth whitening system over and over again? You could, but such repeated use can hurt your teeth and gums. For some people, teeth whitening like this can lead to temperature sensitivity in your teeth. That hot cup of coffee in the morning can actually cause you pain.
  • You need to follow instructions exactly to get even results. It’s not that teeth whitening cannot be done safely at home. It can. But many of these store teeth whitening systems come with complicated instructions printed in small type on the side of a box. If you make a mistake, you could end up with uneven results. Some of your teeth can be whiter in spots and darker in others.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Is Different

Teeth whitening systems that you can buy in a store have some important problems. Again, doing things at home can work. You just need the right system. After studying the issue, Dr. Airey is confident that the best teeth whitening system is Opalescence.

Here’s how this system works. You come into our Boone, NC dental office and get your teeth measured. This is so you can get trays that fits over your teeth customized for your smile in particular. Our team will fill these trays with the Opalescence teeth whitening gel. This is professional strength, so you’ll get professional results. The right amount is measured and placed in each tray, helping you avoid problems with your gums or uneven results.

You take these trays home and place them over your teeth each day for a few weeks. This lets you get professional teeth whitening on your own schedule. You also do this from the comfort of your own home. You can see the results happen over the next few weeks. You can also control just how white you want your teeth by stopping at any point.

Opalescence take-home trays are also great at maintaining your white smile. Each year, you can get a few trays to touch up at home and keep your smile looking bright.

If you want a beautiful smile, don’t bother with store teeth whitening systems. You can get faster, safer, and better results with Opalescence. Call us today at 828-355-5673 for an appointment for cosmetic dentistry.

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