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Get Ready for Spring Socializing With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • March 6, 2019

Get Ready for Spring Socializing With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Spring is a time for new beginnings. With the weather improving and people getting out more, it’s also time for a busy season of social occasions that extends into summer. Think dances, graduations, weddings, and reunions.

Though you always want your teeth to look their best, it’s especially important when you’ll be smiling a lot and when many photos are likely to be taken. Photos from proms, weddings, and graduations often become a key part of family memories. You don’t want future generations to see an unsmiling face and think you were bad-tempered!

With cosmetic dental procedures from Boone, NC dentist Dr. Steven Airey, your smile will look fantastic for your spring social occasions – and many years into the future. Don’t wait any longer to get the smile you’ve always wanted! Call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Airey.

He’ll assess your smile needs, the condition of your teeth, and other factors to help determine which cosmetic dental procedures will work best for you.

Cover Your Smile Flaws With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

You may be bothered by flaws like gaps between teeth, misshapen teeth, and uneven edges. Even if you were born with a beautiful smile, the years can take a toll on your teeth. Over time they often become stained, chipped, and worn. No matter whether you’ve lived with an imperfection for many years or your smile has suffered more recent damage, we can erase your flaws. Two treatments that work wonders are dental veneers and tooth bonding.

Veneers are thin “shells” of porcelain or zirconia. When Dr. Airey applies them to the front surfaces of your teeth, they can make your smile look as good as a movie star’s. In fact, many celebrities use veneers to achieve their picture-perfect smiles. We use our CEREC technology to make your veneers right in our office, so you won’t spend time waiting while they are manufactured at an outside dental lab.

Dr. Airey will make impressions of your teeth and take other measurements, then use the CEREC software to design your veneers. Working together, you’ll determine the color and size of veneer you want. He’ll use our in-office milling machine to make them. If there any issues with fit or appearance, we can make any needed adjustments without the back-and-forth communication and extended wait times of working with a lab.

Depending on the type of veneer you receive, he’ll need to remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth before attaching the dental veneers. In some cases, we may be able to use ultra-thin “prepless” veneers that require no removal of enamel.

Tooth bonding is a treatment that involves applying multiple thin layers of tooth-colored directly to teeth to conceal flaws, then “curing” it with a special light. Bonding can work well to hide minor flaws, but it isn’t quite as versatile as veneers in making a major change to your smile’s appearance.

Dental Veneers vs. Bonding: a Few Things to Consider

Dr. Airey will present all of the pros and cons of both veneers and bonding to help you determine which treatment is right for you. Among the factors you’ll consider:

  • Durability – With proper care, veneers should last at least a decade and possibly many years more. You can expect a bonding treatment to last three to five years. While veneers will resist staining, composite can change color when exposed to staining substances like coffee. Regular professional dental cleanings will help keep your smile stain-free.
  • Cost – Veneers are more expensive than bonding. However, the cost difference may not be as great when you consider their longevity.
  • Invasiveness – Bonding requires less alternation of your teeth, and it’s a reversible process. Once enamel is removed for veneers, you’ll always need to wear them.

In some cases, if the overall structure of your tooth is weak and/or damaged, the best option to conceal your flaws may be a dental crown. Unlike a veneer, a crown covers your entire tooth. So it strengthens the tooth. Like a veneer, we can produce crowns with our CEREC technology. So you won’t need to wear a temporary restoration or spend days – or longer – waiting for your crown.

Remove Stains With Whitening Treatments

Surface stains on teeth often respond well to teeth whitening treatments. They are one of our most affordable cosmetic procedures. Plus we provide you with professional-strength bleaching gel and whitening trays so you can whiten when it’s most convenient, in the comfort of your own home. We use impressions of your teeth to make trays for you. The custom fit makes it easy for you to get complete coverage when applying the gel. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re just a phone call away!

Get Great-Looking Gums Too

Your gums affect your smile’s appearance too. Fortunately, we have cosmetic dental procedures to make your gumline more attractive. If you have a “gummy” smile, Dr. Airey can remove the excess tissue so you’ll have a more pleasing balance of teeth and gums. If your gums are receding and pulling away from your teeth, he can perform a gum graft. Gum disease often causes gums to recede. If that’s the case, he’ll treat your gum disease too.

If you’re interested in freshening your appearance with cosmetic dental procedures, call our Boone, NC dental office today at 828-355-5673. You can also contact us online to make an appointment at Appalachian Dental Care.

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