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Reclaim Your Smile With A Same-Day Crown

  • February 26, 2019

Reclaim Your Smile With A Same-Day Crown

Your broken tooth was really bothering you. Aren’t you glad you made that appointment at Appalachian Dental Care?

You walked in with a bad tooth, and you left with a complete, natural-looking smile. You might not have believed it was possible if you weren’t looking at the results in the mirror.

Getting a dental crown really can be that simple with same-day crowns at our Boone, NC office. Call 828-355-5673 to learn more or to make an appointment.

Rebuild Your Smile

Dental crowns have been around for centuries, but modern crowns look like real teeth and function practically as well, too. When you get a crown now, you can feel confident smiling for a selfie or biting into a burger at your favorite restaurant.

With a crown, you can fix a number of problems:

  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Infected teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Worn-down teeth

With a crown, you smile can look whole and balanced. You can restore the full function of your tooth as well, and you may be preventing long-term health issues by removing a potential infection before it spreads.

Your new crown can restore your confidence in your smile, and at our office, you can get that crown in a matter of a few hours.

Save Time While Saving Your Teeth

The reason we can make your crown so quickly is because of our CEREC technology.

After making a digital scan of your teeth, that information is sent to a computer program. This is where we come up with the design of your replacement tooth.

Our in-office milling machine will turn that design into something tangible. By reshaping a block of porcelain, your crown will be formed while you wait. After the crown is polished and shaded, it will match the color of your natural teeth, so it doesn’t stand out from the rest of your smile.

Without this technology, getting a crown would be a more drawn-out process. At another office, you may have to start with an impression. That will be used to make a mold that is sent to a dental lab, which will create your crown. Depending on how busy that lab is and how far away it, it could take weeks before your crown is ready.

In the meantime, you’ll need to wear a temporary crown. Many times this doesn’t cause any issues, but temporaries aren’t as secure as a permanent crown. If it becomes damaged or loose, that could lead to other problems. Even if everything goes right, this other way of getting crowns also means making multiple visits to the dentist.

So ask yourself, when would you rather have your crown: in one day or spread out over a couple weeks?

Take Charge Of Your Situation

Don’t let a bad tooth bother you anymore. Call Appalachian Dental Care in Boone, NC today at 828-355-5673 or contact us online to request an appointment. Get your same-day crown and give yourself a great reason to smile again.

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