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Easter Candy Dos and Don’ts from Your Dentist

Dr. Steven Airey is a dentist not a monster, so he won’t insist that you skip candy for your child’s Easter basket. That said, some treats are worse for your child’s teeth than others. Check out Dr. Airey’s dos and don’ts for the best Easter candy for the bunny to bring your kids. Then if you have any questions or need to make an appointment for your children or other family members, call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673. No matter what kind of candy your kids eat, it’s important to make sure they brush and floss their teeth every day and bring them at least twice a year for ...


5 Ways to Battle Dry Mouth (Infographic)

If you have dry mouth, you’ll be anxious to defeat it so you no longer have to put up with unpleasant symptoms like bad breath and mouth sores. Dry mouth also makes you susceptible to decay, and we know you don’t want to have to worry about that! Fortunately, Dr. Steven Airey has five ideas for simple things you can try that should go a long way toward relieving your dry mouth. Check out our infographic and give them a try. If you follow his recommendations and are still experiencing discomfort, call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673. We can suggest some products that should help.


Don’t Be Fooled by Dental Misinformation

The internet can be a great source of dental information, from reputable sources like the American Dental Association. For example, you’ll find lots of informational videos on the ADA’s YouTube channel. Unfortunately, there is a lot of dental misinformation online too – much of it posted by well-meaning individuals who just don’t have all the facts. Some of this dental misinformation is harmless, while other claims may lead people to make bad decisions. It’s April 1 – a day when many of us are fooled by friends and family playing pranks. But don’t be fooled by questionable information ...


With Fluoride Toothpaste for Kids, More Isn’t Better

In the land of value meals and Big Gulps, more is usually considered better. You might think the same is true of toothpaste. If a little is good for your teeth, a lot is even better. Right? Actually, no. Too much fluoride toothpaste for kids isn’t good for your children’s teeth. An excess of fluoride in young children can result in dental fluorosis, a condition that results in white spots and streaks on teeth, and sometimes in unsightly brown discoloration. Unlike surface stains caused by dark liquids, this discoloration will not respond well to teeth whitening treatments. It can also ...


Removing Wisdom Teeth Is No Big Deal (Video)

Wisdom teeth come in years later than your other permanent teeth, in your late teens or early 20s. Due to their late arrival, they don’t always come in easily. They may be positioned sideways, or not erupt fully through the gums. They may erupt in a way that causes pain and leaves you prone to infection. Dr. Steven Airey keeps a close eye on wisdom teeth in our young patients, like students at Appalachian State University. In some cases, he may recommend removal. You needn’t worry about wisdom teeth extraction; Dr. Airey has been performing the procedure for years. He also uses advanced ...


Seniors Are Susceptible to Root Cavities

When we become adults, there are many things we’re pretty eager to put behind us – stuff like homework, acne, and curfews. Don’t make the mistake of thinking cavities are one of those things, though. Adults, and especially senior citizens, are susceptible to root cavities. Unlike cavities that affect the crown (white part) of your teeth, root cavities affect your tooth roots. Your crowns are covered with enamel, which is quite resistant to decay and other damage. The hardest substance in the human body, it also contains minerals that are natural cavity fighters. In contrast, your roots ...


Get Ready for Spring Socializing With Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Spring is a time for new beginnings. With the weather improving and people getting out more, it’s also time for a busy season of social occasions that extends into summer. Think dances, graduations, weddings, and reunions. Though you always want your teeth to look their best, it’s especially important when you’ll be smiling a lot and when many photos are likely to be taken. Photos from proms, weddings, and graduations often become a key part of family memories. You don’t want future generations to see an unsmiling face and think you were bad-tempered! With cosmetic dental procedures from ...


Would I Benefit From Dental Sedation? (Quiz)

Most people feel nervous at least occasionally at the dentist, perhaps when undergoing a long procedure. Some may feel anxious even for routine appointments. No matter which description fits you, we want to ease your anxiety! We offer two kinds of safe dental sedation: laughing gas, which you inhale in a small mask worn over your nose, or oral sedation in the form of a prescription pill. Both of them will keep you relaxed while you’re at our office. Dr. Steven Airey can help you determine which sedation option will work best for you. Take our quiz to see if you’d benefit from safe dental ...


Reclaim Your Smile With A Same-Day Crown

Your broken tooth was really bothering you. Aren’t you glad you made that appointment at Appalachian Dental Care? You walked in with a bad tooth, and you left with a complete, natural-looking smile. You might not have believed it was possible if you weren’t looking at the results in the mirror. Getting a dental crown really can be that simple with same-day crowns at our Boone, NC office. Call 828-355-5673 to learn more or to make an appointment. Rebuild Your Smile Dental crowns have been around for centuries, but modern crowns look like real teeth and function practically as well, too. ...


Practice Periodontal Care To Protect Your Smile

You’re getting ready to head out for the evening. You’ve showered. Your outfit is ready to go, but before you put it on, you want to brush your teeth. (Don’t want to risk getting any toothpaste on your shirt.) As you start scrubbing, you notice something caught in your teeth. The toothbrush isn’t doing anything to move it. So, you grab some dental floss. It’s been a while since you used it, but you know it will get rid of whatever that is between your teeth. As you’re flossing, you can’t help noticing something else. Your gums are bleeding. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not exactly a great ...


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