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What Do You Know About CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

  • July 24, 2017

What Do You Know About CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Hello and welcome to the online home of Appalachian Dental Care, your go-to place for restorative dentistry in Boone, NC. One thing that we experience on a daily basis is the power of dental crowns. With crowns, Dr. Airey can restore any teeth that have large areas of decay; finish off the restoration following a root canal procedure; cover over any teeth that are chipped, broken or badly stained. As you can see, dental crowns are one of the most versatile and widely used tools in restorative dentistry. That’s why, for today’s blog post, we wanted to share some information about an amazing new technology related to crowns, it’s called CEREC and it allows you get same-day restorations. Keep reading to hear about some of the advantages of this forward-looking system, and then be sure to contact us to schedule your consultation and kickstart the process.

Now Crowns Are Placed During One Easy Visit

Times are always changing (for the better) at our progressive dentist’s office. The CEREC, that we have invested so heavily in, includes special CAD/CAM digital technology and a milling station. For you, that means we can prepare your teeth, take impressions, and place a permanent restoration all in one day.

How is that better? Well, most other area dental offices can only complete dental crown procedures in two visits. Here’s how it usually works elsewhere: they prepare the tooth one day, take an impression, place a temporary crown. Then you are sent on your way only to return a few weeks later for your permanent crown. Rather than scheduling two visits, and taking time out of your busy life, you can let us use CEREC so that you can have your crown procedure finished in about 90 minutes, right here in our Boone, NC office.

No Temporary Crowns Are Required

It used to be that you had to wear a temporary crown while your permanent restoration was being crafted off-site. And it is still that way at a lot of places. The problem with this two-stage solution is that temporary crowns are typically made from an acrylic material and they are usually smaller than your permanent crown ends up being. In the end, most folks don’t like the look or feel of their temporary crowns, and to make matters worse: those crowns are much more likely to break loose introducing unwanted stress and trauma into a process that should be easy.

There Is More Accuracy Now

The CEREC system we rely on for crowns, only uses digital impressions, which are then sent to a special milling machine. That is an improvement. Most other dental offices use goopy materials to take impressions. Why is that bad? These goopy impressions are uncomfortable for patients, and it’s possible to have an error in the impression. By using digital technology, our impressions are extremely accurate. This means your crown will have a better fit. The fit of a crown is important. An poorly fitting crown is more likely to dislodge. And crowns that are too big or too small can also increase your chances of cavities and other oral health problems.

Increased Durability

Our CEREC crowns are strong. That’s because they are fabricated from a block of ceramic material. As we already alluded to, this just isn’t the case with all dental crowns. Some dentists still use materials fused to metal. Metal-based crowns are strong, but patients almost always develop a black line near their gum line. There are 17 shades of ceramic available so we can perfectly match your natural smile. An all-ceramic crown is also less likely to crack or fracture. That is good news for you!

No Outsourcing Involved

When you are forced to work with an outside dental laboratory, it can be more costly, and is often possible to get a crown back from the lab that doesn’t quite fit the patient. That can be remedied, sure enough. But in that sort of case, the dentist has to send the restoration over to the lab again for any necessary adjustments. As you can imagine, this adds more time to your treatment. By contrast, with CEREC, we can adjust the crowns on site, eliminating the need for additional treatment time.

We Can Start Today!

We hope that you have been inspired to take the next step toward a healthier, better-looking smile. You don’t have to wait around to fix your dental problems. Call our Boone, NC dentist’s office to get started today at 828-355-5673!

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