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How Professional Teeth Whitening Can Save Your Vacation

  • July 1, 2016

How Professional Teeth Whitening Can Save Your Vacation

No matter the time of year, vacations and similar trips are probably on the horizon. Maybe it’s a family reunion or visiting the grandkids. Or maybe it’s just a trip with someone you love to have a fun, relaxing time. But believe it or not, the way your teeth look can affect your vacation. The key is this: When you know your teeth look bad, your self-esteem suffers. Worse, people tend to judge you based on your looks. At our Boone, NC dental office, we offer Opalescence take-home teeth whitening to get your yellow, dull teeth back to their original “pearly white” condition.

But can ugly teeth really affect your vacation? Yes they can. Here are some ways cosmetic dentistry procedures from your dentist in Boone, NC can help save your vacation.

  • Looking good in pictures that everyone will see: Going on a trip somewhere, even just to see family for the holidays, means someone is going to be taking pictures. In the past, that meant a few Polaroids or 35mm shots of you holding a baby, standing in front of a landmark, or just hanging out with friends. Times have changed, and now pictures are much easier to take. It seems like everyone has a phone in their camera. And because these digital photos are so easy to take and store, people don’t just grab a quick photo. They take pictures over and over again. Then they share these photos on Facebook, Instagram, or in texts and emails. In other words, you can easily find yourself in a ton of photos that everybody will see. Unless you plan on frowning in every shot, this means everybody will see your dark, yellowed teeth. When you look back at photos of your vacation, do you want to wince thinking about your ugly teeth showing up in every picture? Once your teeth are white and good looking, your smile won’t be an issue in these photos that will last forever.
  • Feeling confident when meeting new people and old friends. One of the great things about traveling for vacations is the people you’ll spend time with. For some trips, it’s all about reconnecting with old friends and family you haven’t seen in a while. For others, it’s fun to talk to new people at the hotel, bar or restaurant, or tour bus. Unless you plan on traveling alone and staying locked in your hotel room, you will be meeting people. That means you’ll also being smiling and talking, which shows your dark and dingy teeth to those friends, family, and strangers. Do you want people judging you because your teeth look horrible? With our professional teeth whitening system, the teeth you’ll be showing to others can go from ugly to beautiful, which means more confidence for you.
  • Kids and grandkids won’t wonder why your teeth are yellow. Along the same lines, a lot of travel involves seeing your kids and grandkids. Kids love to see their grandparents come in from out of town! But children are not exactly known for their tact. When they see that your teeth are yellow and unhealthy looking, there’s a good chance they’ll come right out and mention it. Do you want to hear your grandchild say, “Grandma, why are your teeth yellow?” The only way you can avoid this is to return your teeth to their healthy, white state. Then your children and grandchildren will have nothing to look at but a beautiful smile.
  • Looking good for your family and loved ones. Usually, you head out on a vacation with someone close to you such as your husband or wife. At the least, you’re heading to see an old friend or member of the family and spend time with them. Remember how people can judge you on how you look? Do you want to be sitting on the beach or in a nice restaurant with someone you care about and have a mouth full of bad-looking, yellow teeth? Sure, looks are not the most important thing in life, but even if you’re fine with not looking good, don’t you want to look good for that person you’re traveling with?

Don’t let the memories of a great vacation become tainted because your smile looked bad. At Appalachian Dental Care, our cosmetic dentistry can help brighten your teeth and give you a smile everyone will love. If you have any questions about how professional teeth whitening can help you, or if you are ready to make your next appointment, call us today at 828-355-5673.

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