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Give Yourself the Gift of Smile Improvement

  • December 26, 2018

Give Yourself the Gift of Smile Improvement

If you’re like most people, you’ve been thinking about smile improvement for quite some time – but delaying it for one reason or another. Go ahead and do something about it! With deep discounts on merchandise in most stores, the days after Christmas have always been a good time to get yourself the gifts you wanted but didn’t receive. This year give yourself the gift of a beautiful smile with cosmetic dental treatments from Appalachian Dental Care.

No matter what you don’t like about your smile, we’ve got a treatment that can correct it. Dr. Steven Airey will be happy to help you determine which procedure – or which combination of procedures – will give you a smile that you’ll be thrilled to show off. We suggest coming in for a consultation so he can review all of the possible options with you. Call us at [phone] to schedule one.

In the meantime, we’ve provided an overview of some popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Get a Bright Smile With Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an easy and affordable smile improvement. Yet brightening a dingy smile makes a big impact on your appearance. We’ll supply you with professional-strength gel and custom-made whitening trays you can use in your own home. The trays make it easy to get complete coverage without irritating your gums. With a high concentration of whitening ingredients, the gel will give you results you just can’t get from products purchased at a drugstore.

Cover All Kinds of Flaws With Dental Veneers

You can hide nearly any smile flaw with dental veneers, including chips, stains, gaps between your teeth, uneven edges, and worn-down teeth. Using our CEREC system, we can make veneers for you right in our office, to guarantee you’ll get the results you want. We’ll need to remove a tiny amount of enamel from your teeth, then Dr. Airey will securely affix the veneers. Made of either porcelain or zirconia, our veneers resist staining and will look great for years with proper care. In certain cases, we can even use prepless veneers, which require no removal of enamel from teeth.

Another option for smile improvement is dental bonding, a quicker and more affordable treatment that involves applying layers of tooth-colored composite to teeth to conceal imperfections. It can’t cover quite as wide a range of problems as veneers. It also doesn’t last as long.

For hiding more severe flaws, you can get a dental crown. Since a crown covers your entire tooth, it can even repair a cracked or broken tooth. Most dental practices outsource the manufacture of your crown to an outside dental lab – which means you’ll wait at least several days for your restoration. But with CEREC, you can get a beautiful crown in a single appointment.

Your Gums Can Look Gorgeous Too

If it’s your gums that you’d like to improve, we offer two options: gum reshaping to remove excess tissue and correct the look of an overly “gummy” smile or a gum graft to fix a receding gum line. Either way, you’ll enjoy an attractive balance between teeth and gums. If your gum recession is due to gum disease, we’ll treat it with a deep-cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing and/or application of antibiotics.

If you’re interested in smile improvement, call Appalachian Dental Care at [phone].

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