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Can You Really Get a New Smile in One Day?

  • November 6, 2016

Can You Really Get a New Smile in One Day?

At Appalachian Dental Care in Boone, NC, we understand how dental problems can impact your life.

For instance, if you’ve been living with dental problems like missing teeth, or teeth that aren’t as healthy as they need to be, you’ve already discovered that life without good teeth can be a real pain. Missing or sore teeth can lead to chewing on the other side which can stress those teeth and cause muscle imbalances that can lead to headaches.

Sharp foods like chips can poke or even cut your gums. Hard foods like nuts can irritate your gums. And you may be more prone to gum disease.

Regardless of the reason why your mouth isn’t happy, you may be able to get a beautiful, new, fully functional smile in just one day.

Dr. Ailey always does everything possible to preserve your existing teeth, but sometimes that isn’t possible due to decay or accidents. If the best solution for your situation is to have an entire arch of new teeth, or even two arches, placed in your mouth without an extensive waiting period, Same-Day Smile may be right for you.


How Same-Day Smile is Different

The strongest and longest-lasting form of teeth replacement is to secure the dental restorations (single crowns, bridges, or dentures) to dental implants. Briefly, implants are tiny, extremely strong metal screws that are inserted into the bone underlying your teeth. Once the implants are ready to accept the restorations, they’re firmly attached so that they can never move around or slip out of the mouth.

With traditional implants, there’s usually a healing period required before the restorations can be attached. That healing period allows the bone to fuse to the implants and anchor them solidly. It generally takes about three months, but may take even longer before the implants are ready for use.

In some cases, though, it’s possible to extract dysfunctional teeth and place the implants the same day. That’s the basis for Same-Day Smile.

With Same-Day Smile, your missing teeth can be replaced in just one visit. No matter whether you have embarrassing gaps in your smile or you’re missing all your teeth, you can walk out the same day with a full set of beautiful functional teeth.

The Same-Day Smile difference is a special kind of dental implant that doesn’t require healing time. That means that we can extract any teeth that are in the way or no longer functional and immediately place the implants in your bone.

And since we proudly offer CEREC technology in-house, we can take three-dimensional images of your teeth and jaw, and then fabricate your beautiful new replacement teeth during your appointment!

You can have any needed extractions, your incredibly strong dental implants placed, and your lifelike new teeth ready to use, all in just one appointment!

For many people, Same-Day Smile is the answer to their prayers, and it just might be for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About Same-Day Smile

Are dental implants really better than dental bridges?

No two patients’ situations are identical, and no two mouths are exactly the same. Some people may be better served by getting on or more dental bridges; Dr. Airey can and will tell you which option is best for you following an examination and digital images. For most people, though, implants offer a lot of advantages that dental bridges don’t. For instance, a bridge placed on dental implants tends to last significantly longer than a bridge supported by neighboring teeth. And, dental implants give you almost 100 percent of your natural chewing power. Dental bridges simply can’t do that.

Can I have dentures secured with implants?

Yes! Implant-supported dentures are permanently fixed in your mouth and look and function just like your natural teeth. Dr. Airey can remove them should the need arise, but rest assured that your dentures will never slip or pop out of your mouth unexpectedly.  Implant-retained dentures attach to your implants for security but you can remove them yourself for cleaning or any other reason, and then re-attach them

Appalachian Dental Care offers both implant-supported and implant-retained dentures. You and Dr. Airey can decide which option is best for you.

You may have other questions about Same-Day Smile or about dental implants generally. The caring staff at Appalachian Dental Care will be happy to answer them.


I want new teeth! How do I get started?

Schedule an initial consultation by calling our Boone, NC office at 828-355-5673. Or, you can use our convenient online form. We look forward to the opportunity to help you feel better, eat better, and look better with our Same-Day Smile program!

Call today to schedule your same day appointment!
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