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Dental Emergency Tips From Appalachian Dental Care

Hello and thank you for stopping by the online home of our Boone, NC dental office. We are here to help you keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great through every stage of life. But we are also standing by to help you through any urgent and unexpected dental situation you may have on your hands. That’s why, today, we want to talk about the best way to handle a dental emergency. Keep reading, and then be sure to follow up with our team to discuss your needs and schedule your visit. Don’t worry, most dental emergencies are not life-threatening, but they can be life-altering if you ...


Have You Considered Dental Veneers?

Hello out there! We hope that your summer is going well so far and that you will find some time to pay us a visit in person before autumn rolls around again. That’s because there is so much that Dr. Airey can do to boost the health and appearance of your smile while you are here. In fact, our Boone, NC dental practice is now the go-to place in the region for high-quality cosmetic dentistry treatments. And we have found that one of the easiest ways to quickly makeover your smile is through one of our dental veneers solutions. That’s why, today, we wanted to talk about why you should ...


What Do You Know About CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Hello and welcome to the online home of Appalachian Dental Care, your go-to place for restorative dentistry in Boone, NC. One thing that we experience on a daily basis is the power of dental crowns. With crowns, Dr. Airey can restore any teeth that have large areas of decay; finish off the restoration following a root canal procedure; cover over any teeth that are chipped, broken or badly stained. As you can see, dental crowns are one of the most versatile and widely used tools in restorative dentistry. That’s why, for today’s blog post, we wanted to share some information about an ...


Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile And More

Welcome back to the Appalachian Dental Care blog, we hope that your summer is going well, and we hope we’ll see your smiling face in one of our chairs, sooner rather than later. If you don’t feel much like smiling on account of adult tooth loss, you need to come in anyway, because we can help with that! Dr. Airey is big on dental implants because they are the best bet for replacing teeth now, and you’re about to find out why. Keep reading and then be sure to follow up and schedule your appointment at our Boone, NC dentist’s office. We can change your life forever, for the better with our ...


Untreated Gum Disease Can Destroy More Than Your Smile

We don’t mean to scare you, but the fact of the matter is that gum disease can strike at any time. If it happens to you, your natural teeth and your health at large will be at stake. But you won’t have much to worry about if you are in frequent contact with Dr. Airey, because here at Appalachian Dental Care, we are all about preventing and treating gum disease. Keep reading to hear more and then be sure to get in touch with us to schedule your next appointment at our comprehensive dentist’s office in Boone, NC. You’ll be glad you did! Gingivitis: Know The Signs Many people you know will ...


Why Athletic Mouthguards Matter

If you are an active person, here’s something you need to know: an athletic mouthguard from our Boone, NC dentist’s office can help protect your teeth from getting deeply damaged while you are playing sports or exercising. Believe it or not, these kind of life-altering accidents happen all the time. That’s why so many schools, park districts, and sports organizations are now requiring participants to wear guards during those activities. Just don’t trust your smile to an over-the-counter “boil and bite” version. Our athletic mouthguards are custom-fitted to your unique mouth to provide you ...


How Gum Disease Treatment Works [VIDEO]

Hello and welcome back to our oral health blog! Today we wanted to share a video link from our friends at the American Dental Association, in which they explain how gum disease treatments typically work. Check out the clip below then be sure to contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Airey. After we have diagnosed the gum disease, we can offer a two-step treatment called scaling and root planing right here in our comfortable Boone, NC dentist’s office. For this procedure we will use special tools to carefully get below your gums to remove any lingering plaque, tartar, and ...


Simple Summer Smile Savers

We hope that your summer is off to a great start and that you have had plenty of reasons to smile. With all the fun events that tend to pop up on our social calendars this time of year, it would be hard not to enjoy the season. That is, of course, if your smile is in a camera-ready state. If it isn’t, that can be a source of real embarrassment and lead to a real apprehension about partaking in the good times. If that is where you are at right now, don’t worry, because we can take your smile where it needs to go. Depending on your situation, dental bonding or porcelain veneers just might ...


Save Your Smile With Tooth-Colored Fillings [VIDEO]

Here’s some good news: if you should ever require a dental filling to fix a cavity, we can set you up with the great-looking, mercury-free variety. For today’s post, we wanted to share a brief video link from our friends at the American Dental Association, that explores some of the benefits of tooth-colored fillings. Please check out the clip below, and then make sure you get in touch to schedule your next appointment at our Boone, NC dentist’s office.


Don’t Let Gum Disease Do You In

  Did you know that gum disease can strike at any age? True story! And it can also lead to major health issues once the bacteria that causes it gets loose in your bloodstream. That’s why you will want to find a dentist–like Dr. Airey–that you can trust to keep your mouth clean and your smile looking great at every stage of life. Keep reading to hear more about preventing gum disease and then be sure to get in touch with us to schedule your next appointment at our Boone, NC dentist’s office. You’ll be glad that you did! Gum Disease: The Early Stages Even though it is 100% ...


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