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5 Things a Dental Crown Can Do for You (Infographic)

  A dental crown is one of our most versatile dental restorations. If you’ve ever broken a tooth, you known a crown can be used to mend it. But you may not know about some of the other uses for a crown. In addition to breaks, a crown can repair cracks, severe decay, and other damage. It can even help if you’ve got a missing tooth! Check out our infographic to find out five things a dental crown can do for you. Then call our Boone, NC dentist office at 828-355-5673 to see if a crown is right for your smile. Thanks to our CEREC technology, you can get a crown in a single day! At dental ...


Celebrate the Fourth With Freedom From Dentures

This month Americans celebrate their freedom by marking the date that the 13 original colonies claimed their independence from England. Setting off fireworks on July 4th is a popular way to mark the occasion. If you wear dentures, we can help you celebrate in an even more exciting way, by declaring your dental independence. Dental implants can give you freedom from dentures and the discomfort, inconvenience, and embarrassment that can sometimes come from wearing them. If you’d like to find out more about dental implant dentures, call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673. Dr. Steven ...


Dry Mouth Is More Common in Summer

Xerostomia is the scientific name for dry mouth. No matter what you call it, though, it’s an unpleasant condition. Its symptoms include a burning sensation in your mouth or tongue, mouth sores, dry or cracked lips, bad breath, and problems chewing or swallowing food. Even worse, dry mouth can cause lead to serious dental damage. Saliva helps move food debris away from your teeth and gums. It also contains minerals that strengthen teeth and help protect them from decay. So it’s one of your mouth’s best defenses against tooth decay. In addition to cavities, a shortage of saliva also makes ...


With Vacation Coming, Don’t Ignore Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Daytime sleepiness is one of the most common sleep apnea symptoms. While that can be dangerous any time, it’s especially so if you’re going to spend long stretches of time driving, as many folks do on family vacations. If you’re hitting the road for a vacation and you suspect you have sleep apnea, it’s a good idea to get tested before you go. If you have signs of sleep apnea, Dr. Steven Airey can fit you for a custom snore guard that will help you sleep better throughout the night – and, more important, make you more alert during the day. We want you and your family to be safe on ...


Give Your Grad the Gift of Confidence, With Cosmetic Dental Treatments

If you’ve got a family member graduating from high school or college, you want to give them a gift that will actually make a lasting difference in their lives. How about a new smile? At Appalachian Dental Care, your grad can get cosmetic dental treatments to improve every aspect of their smile. To schedule a consultation for your graduate with Dr. Steven Airey, call 828-355-5673. Whether their plans are for more schooling or entering the career world, a great-looking smile will increase their self-confidence in high-pressure situations like interviews. Not only that, but research has ...


Treat Kid’s Loose Tooth With Care, Not With a Car (Video)

Like most people, those of us at Appalachian Dental Care don’t really appreciate back seat drivers. However, we feel comfortable dispensing this piece of automotive advice: DON’T pull your kid’s loose tooth with a car. Amazingly, using a car is just one of many unconventional methods for pulling teeth that we’ve seen online. Some of us may have experienced getting a tooth pulled by tying it to one end of a piece of string with the other end tied to a doorknob; the tooth popped out when the door was closed. That method seems downright quaint these days, with folks using Nerf guns, ...


Could You Have a TMJ Disorder? (Quiz)

A TMJ disorder (TMD) can cause jaw pain and many other unpleasant symptoms, including headaches. Fortunately, Dr. Steven Airey can treat TMDs with a custom bite guard that prevents you from grinding or clenching your teeth, which can aggravate a TMD. Take this quiz to see if you should get a TMJ assessment in our Boone, NC dentist office. If an assessment indicates you have a TMD, Dr. Airey will fit you for a custom bite guard that should relieve your symptoms. He’ll also discuss making modifications to your bite for a more lasting TMJ solution. Call Appalachian Dental Care at ...


Start Dental Emergency Care at Home

Teeth are designed to remain in your mouth for a lifetime, but that doesn’t always happen. Teeth can be damaged or even knocked out by accidents. Decay can lead to severe and very painful dental infections. Gums, lips, tongues, and the insides of cheeks can get cut and bleed a lot. Dental emergencies are true emergencies and you should treat them as such. At Appalachian Dental Care in Boone, NC, we provide prompt and expert dental emergency treatment. Call 828-355-5673 if you need to see us in an emergency! Is It A Dental Emergency? An emergency is what you think it is. It’s better to be ...


Dental Plaque Is Your Enemy

You brush twice a day every day and you floss morning and night. Good for you! Mouths are complicated places, though, full of little nooks and crannies that can be hard to reach. Are you sure you’re removing all traces of dental plaque from your teeth and gums? If not, your efforts to maintain a healthy mouth and a brilliant smile could run into some problems. At Appalachian Dental Care, we consider dental plaque our enemy and make it our mission to eradicate it from your teeth and gums. Call 828-355-5673 to visit us for a dental cleaning, so we can get rid of plaque for you! Why We Hate ...


New Types of Dentures Are Better Than Ever

Maybe you’ve seen some of the old comedy bits about dentures falling out, getting put in upside down, or sitting in a glass of water on a nightstand. Those routines aren’t so funny to people dealing with dentures. Fortunately, new types of dentures avoid many of the “comedic” downsides of replacement teeth. Today’s modern dentures are a far cry from what grandpa or grandma used to wear. To discuss your dentures options, call Appalachian Dental Care in Boone, NC at 828-355-5673. All About Dentures Dentures are a teeth replacement option that’s been around for hundreds of years. You’ve ...


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