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Summer Is a Great Time for a Dental Implants Procedure

Replacing teeth with dental implants is a life-changing decision any time of the year. But it’s never more true than in the summer, a season that’s full of occasions when both the appearance and function of your smile are especially important. If you’re still looking for a reason to get implants, we’ve presented some of them for you here. If you’re still on the fence about a dental implants procedure because you’re concerned about the expense, consider our special offer of a bundle of dental implants services. For $3,000, you will get all of the services you’re likely to need to replace a ...


Do I Need Dry Mouth Treatment? (Quiz)

The noticeable symptoms of dry mouth, like cracked lips or a burning sensation in your mouth, are bad enough. But the unseen impact of the condition is even worse. A lack of saliva makes you more susceptible to dental decay. Left untreated, decay leads to cavities. Fortunately, dry mouth treatment in Boone, NC will help you feel better and also improve your mouth’s ability to fight cavities. Take our quiz to see if you would benefit from dry mouth treatment, then call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673 for an appointment with Dr. Steve Airey. Loading Do I Need Dry Mouth Treatment?


Change Your Life With a Smile Makeover (Video)

A smile makeover can do more than change your appearance; it can change your life. In this video, Dr. Steven Airey describes how a  makeover gave one of our patients, a pastor, more confidence in his job. Following his makeover, members of his congregation paid more attention to what he was saying than to the appearance of his front teeth. Dr. Airey can create a makeover plan for you, using the cosmetic dentistry and/or restorative dentistry services that will give a great-looking smile. Call Appalachian Dental care at 828-355-5673 to schedule a consultation and get your makeover started! ...


Improve Your Love Life With a Sleep Apnea Snoreguard

When you think of ways to improve your love life, chances are a sleep apnea snoreguard isn’t very high on your list. But maybe it should be. Many sleep apnea sufferers no longer share a bedroom with their significant others because of their loud snoring. If your significant other is sleeping in a separate room because of your snoring, a sleep apnea snoreguard can put you back in close physical proximity. Our own Dr. Steven Airey wears one. He says he might not still be married without his snoreguard! If not sharing a bedroom is hurting your love life, call Appalachian Dental Care at ...


4 Methods for Fixing Cracked or Broken Teeth

A cracked or broken tooth affects how your smile looks – but also how it performs. It makes you self-conscious about smiling or even speaking to others. It also makes it difficult to bite or chew. Fortunately, at Appalachian Dental Care we have several good methods for fixing cracked or broken teeth. If you’ve suffered a crack or break, call us ASAP at 828-355-5673. Dr. Steven Airey will examine you and help you decide which of our restorative dentistry procedures is best suited to your situation. He’ll consider several factors, including: The size of the crack or break How much of your ...


Invest in Smile Improvements With Your Tax Refund [BLOG]

With April 15th behind us, you may be breathing a sigh of relief … or filing an extension. Maybe you were an early bird and already received your tax refund. Regardless, if you don’t have plans for your refund, consider investing in smile improvements. Whether you have dental damage, missing teeth, or cosmetic flaws, Dr. Airey has the treatments needed to give you a long-lasting smile. You can expect: No more oral pain No more embarrassment at the way your teeth look No more slipping dentures No more smiling with your mouth closed to hide decayed or missing teeth Ease and comfort ...


Summer Sports Call for Athletic Mouthguards [VIDEO]

You likely didn’t know it, but April is National Facial Protection Month. With the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to remind us to protect our smiles or our kids’ smiles while participating in athletic activities. That doesn’t include just contact organized sports, either. Athletic mouthguards can provide extra protection for skateboarding, mountain biking, gymnastics, and more. At Appalachian Dental Care, Dr. Airey can make sure your mouthguard is as comfortable and well-fitting as possible. That’s because we ours are custom-made from high-quality materials. We also know ...


Easter Candy Dos and Don’ts from Your Dentist

Dr. Steven Airey is a dentist not a monster, so he won’t insist that you skip candy for your child’s Easter basket. That said, some treats are worse for your child’s teeth than others. Check out Dr. Airey’s dos and don’ts for the best Easter candy for the bunny to bring your kids. Then if you have any questions or need to make an appointment for your children or other family members, call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673. No matter what kind of candy your kids eat, it’s important to make sure they brush and floss their teeth every day and bring them at least twice a year for ...


5 Ways to Battle Dry Mouth (Infographic)

If you have dry mouth, you’ll be anxious to defeat it so you no longer have to put up with unpleasant symptoms like bad breath and mouth sores. Dry mouth also makes you susceptible to decay, and we know you don’t want to have to worry about that! Fortunately, Dr. Steven Airey has five ideas for simple things you can try that should go a long way toward relieving your dry mouth. Check out our infographic and give them a try. If you follow his recommendations and are still experiencing discomfort, call Appalachian Dental Care at 828-355-5673. We can suggest some products that should help.


Don’t Be Fooled by Dental Misinformation

The internet can be a great source of dental information, from reputable sources like the American Dental Association. For example, you’ll find lots of informational videos on the ADA’s YouTube channel. Unfortunately, there is a lot of dental misinformation online too – much of it posted by well-meaning individuals who just don’t have all the facts. Some of this dental misinformation is harmless, while other claims may lead people to make bad decisions. It’s April 1 – a day when many of us are fooled by friends and family playing pranks. But don’t be fooled by questionable information ...


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