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Dr. Airey and his staff are proud to work at Appalachian Dental Care because our dental office in Boone, NC is one of the best in the area. With our combination of new technology, comfort options, and a full range of dental treatments for your whole family, we provide dental care you need.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Why Choose Us

Number one of the things we’re strong in, especially in this area, because we’re the only practice that does have what we call digital dentistry. The name brand is CEREC. Only probably about 10% of the dentists in the United States have a CEREC machine. Instead of the old way where you took impressions for crowns or parts of teeth, we not only make crowns and bridges with our CEREC digital machine, but we also have a milling machine here, so we make them on site so you get them that day. We get to stain them with our ovens and that part of the dentistry.

We also make parts of teeth. Number one thing is people chip their front teeth. Instead of have to go get a full crown or something, we can actually mock it up, make it perfect again, take a digital picture, remove it, then actually we mill, take a digital picture of that part that needs to be restored. We have it milled, and we bond pieces back on people’s mouths. It’s much harder than regular tooth-colored material that we’ve been using for years.

We can shape people’s mouths. People can come in here in their six or eight front teeth, to come in in the morning and by the time they leave that night they can have all their teeth done. When I started practice, that was unheard of. It’s mostly because I have these talented people I get to work with. They do a lot of it, where we design all the teeth, and basically computer-generate all those teeth.

The other part we have is we have a cone beam X-ray machine which is three-dimensional. Most X-ray machines are two-dimensional. Ours is three-dimensional, and it’s accurate down to 1/10 millimeter. When we take this one, it goes around your head. When we do lots of surgeries, we have a large university here, so we do a lot of impacted wisdom teeth. We can know exactly where those nerves are so we can stay away from them, and we can have a successful surgery.

Also that you can do guided generated digital dentistry, so when you say guided dentistry, you can put an implant and know within 1/10 millimeter how deep and where to place it. Also you can start out, unfortunately have to lose a tooth, you can take a digital picture of that tooth and save it so when we get ready to restore it, we can put it back exactly the way it was with an implant in your bone. That’s pretty exciting stuff to do in this day and age. With those two pieces of equipment, there’s only about 3% of the dentists in the whole United States that have that.

You want to pick a dental office that has the latest dental technologies. All of our X-rays are digital, meaning you get a more accurate image with much less radiation. Appalachian Dental Care is the only dental practice in the area with CEREC and CBCT machines. CEREC allows us to create dental crowns the same day that you come in for your appointment. CBCT stands for cone beam computed tomography, which is a fancy way of saying three-dimensional images of your teeth and jawbone.

Comfort & Relaxation

You also want a dental office that helps you feel welcome and comfortable. We offer blankets and neck pillows for all of our patients, and we even have massaging chairs. If dental anxiety is a problem, we can provide sedation options with laughing gas, oral medication, or general anesthesia. To make sure you feel unrushed, we can make your appointment longer so we can take our time. And we offer some Friday appointments, perfect for those who really need an appointment with no other patients in the building.

Many Dental Treatments For Your Family’s Needs

We like to do life-lasting dentistry. We make treatment plans and probably do mostly through the phases, but eventually we would like them to have oral health — complete oral health — which is an ongoing process like everything because our body’s a dynamic system not a static system.

We like to make sure that their teeth are healthy, we call it the hard tissue and the soft tissue, their gums. Also their jaw joints, muscles, bite are working properly so they do not have any occlusal disease. If they show them actually how to take care of that so they can keep away and keep their health to a certain point, and their smiles.

You don’t have time to go all over the area heading to different offices, which is why we offer so many different treatments at our Boone, NC dental office. We offer cosmetic dentistry for making your smile beautiful, restorative dentistry for getting your teeth back to working normally, and dental implants for replacing missing teeth, and we usually have same-day appointments for emergencies. We are also a family dentist and can help with dental care for your entire family.

New To Appalachian Dental Care?

You can download all of the new patient paperwork ahead of time to make your first visit go that much smoother.

By combining the latest dental technology, comfort and sedation options, and many different treatments, we are here for the dental needs of your whole family. To learn more about why our Boone, NC dental office works for you or to schedule your next appointment, give us a call today at 828-355-5673 or use our online form.

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