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Frequently Asked Question At Our Boone, NC Dental Office

Q: How Can I Be Less Nervous at the Dentist??


We understand that almost everyone feels nervous at least occasionally. We have many ways to soothe your nerves, including amenities like blankets and neck pillows to keep you comfortable in our dental chairs. Not to mention, the chairs themselves help relax you with a massage! You can also receive two kinds of safe dental sedation: inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”) or an oral sedative.

Q: How can I boost the appearance of yellowed, stained, or discolored teeth??


Yellow or otherwise off-color teeth can be significantly brightened with a professional teeth whitening treatment from our Boone, NC dentist’s office! Dr. Airey is proud to provide our patients with the very effective Opalescence teeth whitening system.

We also offer cosmetic dentistry consultations, so why not start exploring your options right now? Give us a call today at 828-355-5673!

Q: Can You Treat My Sore and Bleeding Gums??


Sore and bleeding gums can be a sign of gum disease, which is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. Fortunately, Dr. Airey can eliminate gum disease with a deep cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing. He may also prescribe an antibiotic treatment. If disease has caused your gums to recede, Dr. Airey can perform a gum graft procedure to restore your gums to health.

Q: Is Dr. Airey A Cosmetic Dentist? | Boone, NC?


Absolutely! As it happens, our Boone, NC dentist’s office is prepared to give you a total smile makeover! Dr. Airey offers everything from professional teeth whitening to dental veneers and more. Besides, our cosmetic dentistry consultations are comfortable and informative, result in a plan of action that makes the most sense for your smile. To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry treatments call us today at 828-355-5673!

Q: Can You Help Me Stop Grinding My Teeth??


Yes! Dr. Airey can fit you for a custom mouthguard you wear at night or at other times you grind your teeth. It will prevent you from grinding and protect your teeth. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can damage your tooth enamel and give your teeth a worn-down appearance. Not only that, but it can cause headaches and even temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain.

Q: Can You Remove My Wisdom Teeth??


Dr. Airey can gently extract teeth, including wisdom teeth. Before your extraction, he’ll use technology like our 3D X-rays to carefully plan your tooth removal procedure. During your procedure, you can get dental sedation if you want it. After he removes your wisdom teeth, he can use a process called PRP (platelet-rich plasma) that encourages speedy healing.

Q: Does The Kind Of Toothbrush I Use Really Matter?


Your toothbrush should be small enough to fit in the back of your mouth so you can brush those back teeth. Also, the bristles should be soft. Hard bristles won’t get your teeth any cleaner, and they can even hurt your enamel and gums over time.

Q: What Is A CEREC Crown?


CEREC is a special machine that uses three-dimensional digital images of your teeth to create realistic, comfortable dental crowns during your appointment. By having a CEREC machine in our Boone, NC dental office, we can measure, create, and place dental crowns all in the same day. Appalachian Dental Care is one of the few dental offices in the area with this technology.

Q: What’s The Best Way To Replace A Missing Tooth?


This really depends on several factors, such as the number of missing teeth, the strength of your jawbone, and your overall dental health. But one of the better looking and longer lasting methods is a dental implant. Dr. Airey will surgically implant an artificial root in your jawbone and then attach a beautiful replacement tooth to it. You’ll get the replacement tooth you need to eat and smile normally, and it should last for 20 years or more.

Q: Why Would I Need Oral Surgery?


There are several reasons why oral surgery might be the best option for you. Despite your best efforts, sometimes a tooth gets severely damaged or infected, and extracting the tooth is the only way to protect your other teeth and remove the pain. The same is true with wisdom teeth (also known as third molars), which usually create problems when they finally come in. If your jawbone is too weak for implants, we can graft healthy bone tissue there. Likewise, we can graft healthy gum tissue to your gumline if it has receded from your teeth.

Q: Why Should I Care About Cosmetic Dentistry?


Imagine if you had only one set of clothes to wear. Then imagine those clothes are dingy, worn, and ugly. How comfortable would you feel heading to a wedding, church, or a family reunion wearing clothes you just know people are going to disapprove of? That kind of thing can destroy your self-confidence. That’s what it’s like when you have ugly teeth, and that’s also why cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening and veneers can really help build your self-esteem.

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